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Our Services



The artists here at Skinworks are fully trained in all styles of tattooing, although many choose to specialise in specific genres.  We are very lucky to be able to provide top quality designs from traditional to photorealism, both in colour and black and grey.

We believe that a totally unique design is available for everyone.  To ensure a perfect tattoo we always insist on a face-to-face consultation in the studio, before every tattoo appointment is made, so that all options can be discussed.

As well as producing top quality first time tattoos we can also carry out fantastic cover up designs.  With so many people out there unhappy with their old and badly done tattoos we feel that after a visit to our studio you will leave with a well deserved new piece, making you forget you ever had an ex partners name or that playboy bunny you got at a house party when you were 15 years old!

So no matter how big or small your idea is, or how terrible your existing tattoo that you want covered is (trust us, we’ve seen it all!) it is worthwhile checking us out and calling in for a consultation.


Body Piercing

Belfast City Skinworks is also Northern Ireland’s first and longest established body piercing studio. We offer a fully dedicated, purpose built and private piercing room.  We have extensively trained male and female body piercers available as well as a huge selection of the highest-grade body jewellery for fresh and existing piercings, all sterilised in house.

From the simplest single earlobe piercing to the more challenging body areas, our team of experienced piercers will give you advice and help throughout the life of your piercing.  We don’t even mind if your piercing was done elsewhere, if you have questions or problems come see us.  We offer telephone appointments as well as walk-in space for your convenience.

Check out the piercing section of our website for more information!