Body Piercing

At Belfast City Skinworks we pride ourselves in providing a level of service that is rarely found elsewhere. We have a completely private, purpose built piercing room in which our fully trained body piercers operate to the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Every piercing is performed with single-use, pre-packaged needles which are carefully disposed of after every procedure.  All our instruments are put through a sterilisation process in our state of the art sterilising room after every use.

We pierce with only the highest quality, Nickel free Titanium body jewellery which has been sterilised in the studio to comply with the EU nickel directive and to provide customers with the safest possible jewellery options.  A dedicated piercer will be on hand to help you find the perfect placement for your individual anatomy in order to create a safe and aesthetically pleasing piercing. We have both male and female piercers available to help make your experience as comfortable as possible.

All of our piercers have been trained in house for a minimum of 3 years to uphold the utmost quality and professionalism for the craft.  We care about every piercing we perform and so we provide both verbal and written aftercare to every one of our customers.  Our piercers will be available throughout the healing process to help with any issues or questions that may arise.  We don’t even mind if your piercing was done elsewhere, if you have questions or problems don’t hesitate to come see us.

We offer telephone appointments as well as walk-in space for your convenience.


In order to achieve the successful healing of your new piercing it is important that you follow these instructions carefully:

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly to remove bacteria prior to touching your piercing.
  • Only use the cleaning solution that your piercer has recommended.
  • In a clean cup, soak a minimum of eight cotton buds in the solution until completely saturated.
  • Clean around one side of the piercing exit hole and one section of the jewellery making sure to remove any discharge or hard crust.
  • Once clean, gently rotate or slide the clean section of the jewellery through the piercing and repeat on the second side of the piercing and jewellery.
  • Repeat the above steps several times until you work through all of the cotton buds to ensure the piercing is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Cleaning should be carried out a minimum of three times daily.
  • Ensure to clean the piercing after bathing to remove soap/shampoo residue, after swimming and applying makeup to avoid irritation.  Avoid fake tan and swimming during the healing process!

For Oral Piercings

  • Make sure to rinse with saline at least 3 times per day.
  • Rise out the mouth with saline solution after eating, smoking and brushing teeth.
  • Lip and Labret piercings will also need to be cleaned on the outside with cotton buds soaked in the solution recommended by your piercer.
  • Use ice to reduce the swelling over the initial healing period.
  • Avoid anything that will irritate the piercing i.e. spicy food, mouthwash or chewing gum.

Surface Anchors & Microdermals

These piercings require maintenance during their entire lifetime because discharge can build up underneath the threaded top causing the piercing to become irritated.

  • Periodic visits to your piercer are recommended to remove the threaded top and give the piercing a more thorough clean.
  • Warm saline compresses may be helpful with removing discharge from underneath the threaded top.
  • Avoid putting makeup on these piercings even after healing.

Even with proper care these piercings may be less permanent than other piercings. 


What is Normal?

Initially: Some bleeding, localised swelling, tenderness and/or bruising.  During healing: some discolouration, itching, secretion of a whitish-yellow fluid (not pus) will form some crust on the jewellery.

The tissue may tighten around the jewellery as it heals.  A piercing might seem healed before the healing process is complete, this is because tissue heals from the outside in and although it may feel and look fine, the interior remains fragile.  Be patient and keep cleaning throughout the entire healing period.

Even healed piercings that you have had for years can shrink or close in minutes, never leave the hole empty!  Clear plastic retainers are on sale in the studio.

Avoid cleaning with any solutions other than what your piercer has recommended (Absolutely no tea tree oil!).

Avoid undue trauma such as friction from clothing excessive motion of the area, playing with the jewellery and vigorous cleaning.  Avoid all oral contact, rough play and contact with other people’s bodily fluids on or near your piercing during healing.


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